Make a unique present. A present that will last forever. 

It is not necessary to present a gift made with a "nice" paper or plastic packaging in order to present something special. We give importance to the meaning of things and not to its superficial appearance. Do it with the heart, knowing that you are giving a unique and special art experience. This gift will belongs to the one who gets it.

for all his life. 


The starting price for a tattoo in our studio is €100. However, every design is customized and unique; we never make copies, so we do not have fix prices for tattoos. The only way to buy "ready to tattoo" drawings is through our INKOUNTDOWN flash tattoo collection where you can buy the design and the tattoo with a closed price. The prices go from €200. The electronic gift card is a present for somebody that really wants a tattoo from us. After being tattooed, the person will get the amount of the gift card discounted from the final price of the tattoo. It is necessary to make a booking on our website using our booking form and explain their idea for the tattoo and fill out all the information. After that, the person will get an appointment confirmation with the final price of the tattoo. We encourage you to read carefully what our tattoo artists do and what they don’t.